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Our Core Values

Our Values are our guideposts, showing us how to do business with our colleagues, partners, customers and consumers. As we grow, recruit new talent, face new challenges, support our communities and our environment, these values are front and centre every day, guiding our decisions and actions. They are part of who we are.


We conduct ourselves ethically and honestly. We insist on quality and safety in all that we do.


We act, react and interact in regard for others.


We take ownership and accountability over the work we do and the culture we create.


We build value by continuously evolving our business, our customer relationships, and ourselves.


We dare to lead, to embrace change, and to make decisions that drive progress.

A Winning Culture For All
Our people are our most valued asset, and we strive to create a culture that is inclusive, supportive, encouraging and inspiring. Our values of integrity, respect, commitment, growth and courage inform our culture – and how we live and interact every day in the workplace and in our communities.

We have integrity. We conduct ourselves ethically and honestly, and have the courage to have difficult conversations if necessary, and to try new approaches. We insist on quality and safety in all that we do.

We embody a culture of commitment and growth –for our business and for our team members. We ensure there are opportunities and programs for employees to grow within their functional areas or to move to different parts of the business. Team members are treated with respect, and supported in their desire to grow. We feel good about what we do, and embrace a culture of positivity. After all, with our delicious products, we are bringing enjoyment to consumers, and elevating everyday moments for millions of people.

We embrace diversity –different backgrounds, races, ages, religions, abilities, genders, orientations and skills. We want everyone to feel they can be themselves and bring their whole selves –and their own unique perspective and experience–to work every day. We value that uniqueness, and know that diversity makes our teams and our business stronger. 

Code of Conduct
Weston Foods is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and good corporate citizenship. All Weston Foods employees, officers and directors are expected to conduct themselves ethically, lawfully, professionally and in compliance with the letter and spirit of the Weston Foods Code of Conduct. Read more about our Code of Conduct.

Integrity Action Line
Weston Foods encourages the reporting of unlawful or unethical behaviour and has established an Integrity Action Line, a website and toll-free number that any supplier, independent distributor, customer, employee or director may use to report conduct which he or she feels violates the Code of Conduct or otherwise constitutes unlawful or unethical conduct. Reports may be made to the Integrity Action Line anonymously at or by calling  1-800-594-1495.