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 Cuisiner Mieux: Nos cinq piliers

The five pillars of Baking Better

Ingredients: Our ingredients connect us with our consumers, customers and supply chain partners. The ingredients we use in our products enable us to Elevate Everyday Moments by creating unique eating experiences. They also allow us to demonstrate what Baking Better means at Weston Foods. By identifying high-priority ingredients across our product portfolio and implementing strategic sourcing plans, we strive to ensure the products we make align with our mission and values. 

Packaging: Our consumers and customers expect our packaging to not only keep products fresh and safe but also to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. This means ensuring packaging can either be recycled, reused, or composted when it is no longer needed, in addition to ensuring we transition away from packaging that is problematic for recycling systems. Weston Foods is committed to exploring technologies that improve the recyclability of our packaging and we’re piloting new innovations focused on both packaging reuse and recyclability.

Waste: We are eliminating waste through improved efficiency in manufacturing processes, as well as diversion from landfill. We created our Bakery Integrated Operating System to reduce all forms of waste. By focusing on efficiency in the manufacturing process, inputs are better managed, creating less food waste. 

In addition, we have programs in place across our network of bakeries to divert from landfill much of the food waste created. 

Energy & Carbon: We are proud of Weston Foods energy reduction work to date, as we continue on our journey to a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 2025, against a 2015 baseline.

Our work to date has focused on energy efficient lighting in our bakeries and improving equipment efficiency, such as using more efficient air compressors, improving heat recovery from both compressors and ovens, as well as refrigeration and automation improvements. Since 2011, Weston Foods has regularly disclosed our energy reduction efforts through the Climate Disclosure Project (CDP). In 2020, Weston Foods achieved 75% of its 2025 target, compared to the 2015 baseline.

Social Responsibility: Weston Foods is focused on continuing to build a safe and inclusive workplace while having a positive impact on our industry and the communities we serve. 

The global events of 2020 served to highlight the necessity for organizations such as ours to amplify our efforts to build an equitable workplace where people of diverse backgrounds can thrive. We are taking action to foster that environment, based on our core values of Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Growth and Courage.